MORE Leadership Conference

More of God. More for God. 

MARCH 16 - 18, 2018

Our heart is to see young leaders receive MORE of God so that they are empowered to do MORE for God as they head back in to their schools, churches, homes and communities. At MORE, young leaders will experience God through general sessions led by gifted musicians and communicators, take in workshops facilitated by experts in a variety of fields, and connect with other leaders from around the province. 

In order to hone our focus and create a systematic leadership development plan for our attendees, we have introduced a three-year cycle to the conference. Each year we want to gear our general sessions and workshops towards one of three leadership qualities - CHEMISTRY, CHARACTER, or COMPETENCY.

CHEMISTRY - Chemistry is crucial to leadership. A positive chemistry with those who we lead and those who we lead alongside will contribute to greater effectiveness and efficiency. God has created us to work in team and teams with good chemistry are able to see a vision come to fruition. Young leaders need to understand how to work with others and foster an environment of unity.

CHARACTER - Character is at the root of Christian leadership. Character is a quality that can be difficult to come by today, however, without this integrity a leader will quickly fail and misdirect those they are leading. A leader with unwavering character will be a person worthy of following and will ensure longevity to the ministry that God has called them to. 

COMPETENCY - Competency is what makes effective leadership. God has given gifts and abilities to each person, and He has done so with a purpose. Each Christian is equipped with some competencies that come naturally and some that are developed. It is vital that young leaders have an understanding of their gifts and how God can use them to advance His Kingdom.